How to have a sexy weekend


Five days with a busy schedule of work, a week of trying to cope up with all the stress and demand of your job and just two days of relaxing, and yet you still find yourself unable to enjoy your weekend. Almost everyone suffers with the same problem; two days is just not enough to accomplish what we want to do. Well here are some tips that could set up a healthy weekend which will definitely fire you up for the week’s load of work.

1. Plan ahead of time- during your busy work, set a time where you could plan what you will do when the week ended. Whether you want to spend it with your family and friends. Do stuff together or do it alone. You have to remember that you only have two days; you might as well manage your time well so you could eventually do the things that you miss out doing because of your busy schedule.

2. Never mix business with pleasure – it is already enough that you have spent five days of working. Consider it a treat to yourself that you spend the two days vacation with pure pleasures. Watch movies, play games, go to the mall, go shopping, do whatever you want to do. This is your time, a time given to you for free, enjoy it, savor it for when it ended you may regret not doing what you want to do.

3. Savor every minute of it – You may want to slow down during weekend. A week of running around, doing everything fast, trying not to be late is pretty much exhausting. But during the weekend, keep in mind that you are free. You own your time and if you want to sleep for the whole day might as well do it. You only have at least 48 hours of doing your own things, and every minute of it should be spent the way you want to.

Enjoying the free time given to us is really important. It is the only moment in our life that we would actually live, without someone telling us what to do or doing a task that demands a deadline. Two days might be a short period of time given to us but we might as well appreciate it. Wasting it would be something regretful. We could never go back in time so we have to make sure that our time is well spent.


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